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Varra Water is not just another place to sleep with a double bed and flatscreen TV. Varra Water is an experience, it is creative upcycling and something you do not get to experience every day. 

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Mindfulness: Be– here– now. We set an authentic scene to do so.

Mental Health: Stress-rates, depression rates and generally mental health problems are sky rocketing these years. The same for daily digital impressions and stimuli. The development of our brains has not followed the evolution fast enough. We need to give them what they deserve: a break away from it all, isolated and cradled by the ocean.

Vitamin Ø: Sometimes you need something extra to break out of your routines, to relax, unwind, recharge and revitalize yourself. Vitamin Ø is here for you.


Realtionships: The digital age is bringing us further and further apart from maintaining and developing our social relationsships. Of many know as one of the key components to a deeply meaningful life. Our stay has a no wifi and no TV. Spend time with eachother and yourself instead.

Sustainability: We need to protect what we have dear on this planet.
At Varra Water we use creativity to upcycle instead of exploiting vital ressources to construct something new. You are the consumer. Your decisions have an impact.

Essentialism: You want it all! Sorry to say, but you can not have it all. Enganging with all intriguing stimuli will get you nowhere and the planet sure can not support the consumption culture behind it. Decide what is important to you. What is essential? Keep it simple like a stay at Varra Water.


Adventurous: Seek adventure, have fun and challenge yourself. At Varra Water we love adventures and we will do everything we can to support yours, while you stay with us.

Explore: Never stop exploring, internally and externally.

Location/Varra: Varra is a local Bornholmish word. It means ‘to be’. Maybe a cliche, but nevertheless a vital skill mastered by the few.