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We are Tobias and Nelly; a couple who just moved back to Bornholm. Our favorite place on the planet. Nelly is studying to become an Environmental Engineer. Tobias has a project management background working with some of the biggest sports events and athletes in the world. Combining our different passions and skills within topics like sustainability, mindfulness and craftsmanship, we want to pass on a piece of what Bornholm represents to us. An oasis to connect with nature, yourself and the ones you love the most. A place where you get isolated by the ocean and time enters a vacuum. Very much needed in our increasingly hectic lives. Some know this as 'island time'. We think a piece of Bornholm should be part of your 'regular diet', so we call it Vitamin Ø (Ø = Island in Danish).

Thanks to local FLAG-funding (+hard work) we are super excited to creatively have upcycled these boats. The mission is to give you an extraordinary experience, while keeping a big part of the cultural heritage alive.